Price : £3.95

CHAMPAGNE - Full Strength
Refresher / Home Fragrance Oil

Size: 20ml (0.68 fl oz US)

This Fragrance Oil is suitable for use in Vaporisers and also manufacturing Toiletry and Cosmetic Preperations.

When Your Air Freshener loses its Fragrance Just add a few drops of your favourite fragrance to the Air Freshener, far more cost effective than keep purchasing replacement Air Fresheners.

Just a few droplets of the fragrance oil is all that is needed to replenish the fragrance.

Each bottle contains enough fragrance to refresh your air freshener up to 30 times.

When refreshing an Air Freshener put the Air Freshener in to a sealable plastic bag, add fragrance and preferably leave over night for the fragrance to permeate the Air Freshener.

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